Sponsorship Opportunities

If you do not want to participate as an Exhibitor, but still want to gain exposure, you can now participate as a Sponsor. The ECC is offering several Sponsorship opportunities. This sponsorship gives your organization representation as a supporter of the ECC and is displayed throughout the conference and ECC website, as well as one or more complimentary regsitrations.

2022 Conference Sponsorship Opportunities and Pricing

All Sponsors benefit from:

  1. Social Media and Email Blasts

    Emails promotions of the ECC
    LinkedIn promotions of the ECC
    Displayed on the ECC Sponsor Web Page
    Displayed on ECC’s Facebook Page
  2. Dashboard Registration Attendee Information for “Matchmaking” during and after conference.

    Attendees provide classic information such as what type of work they do, their titles, why they are attending, do they have needs that they would outsource to a consultant?  This is a valuable tool for you to run with!

  3. Pre-Conference Attendance List

A-La-Carte Sponsorship Opportunities

Supporting Sponsor Profile $1,000
This is the minimum, basic package for all Sponsors:
With your Sponsor Profile on our Sponsors page, you will have the opportunity to show your logo,
share company information,
and invite attendees to link up to your individual URL address. 
This package also includes 2 free attendees at the conference!


You have the Opportunity to add either or both of the items below for GREATER VISIBILITY!!

Opportunity 1

Your logo on the Registration Platform              $300

Everyone must, of course, register for our conference, and there are several pages in the Registration process.  Have your company name and/or logo prominently exhibited on the bottom of these highly trafficked pages.

Opportunity 2

Speaker Presentation Sponsor                            $500

When you sponsor a presentation, your LOGO will be attached as “Sponsored By…” with that session:

  1. On the Registration Page for every attendee to see as they register for that session.

  2. From the Conference Attendee Hub Site when the attendees link to the ECC Conference and go to “All Sessions.”

  3. From the Conference Attendee Hub Site when the attendees go to the “My Schedule” page if you have sponsored one of their chosen sessions.

  4. Whenever an attendee clicks on your company’s Sponsor tab, where they will see the session that your company has promoted, and

  5. Last, but not least, you will be acknowledged by the Session Moderator at the beginning and ending of each presentation that you support.

In gratitude for your generous Titanium-Level participation 

This entitles you to everything in the Supporting Sponsor Profile Package, plus:

- Your logo on the registration package (Opportunity #1)

- Speaker Presentation Sponsor (Opportunity #2)

In addition,

- Titanium-Level Sponsors will be acknowledged and receive a special thanks at both the opening and closing speeches of this illustrious conference.

- As an early-bird special, the first 8 (eight) Titanium Sponsors will also have their company logo exhibited on the Home Page (the first page) of the Conference Attendee Hub.

If you are interested in any of the sponsorship opportunities, please reach out to one of our Sponsorship Committee Members:
Lee Lovellove@easternclaimsconference.com
(630) 229-2981
Robert A. Del Signore Jrrobert.del@lhainc.com
(603) 703-6903